Slow Cooked Octopus With Smoked Potato Cream And Parsley

May 24, 2022 Lazarin Kroni

The Complete Guide to Cooking Octopus Like a Chef.

This dish is a perfect example of how to use the octopus in a way that it doesn’t taste rubbery and tough. This recipe is also a great way to use up any potatoes you might have.

Octopus is usually cooked quickly, but this recipe will show you how to slow cook it for hours so that it becomes tender and juicy. The smoked potato cream sauce goes well with the octopus but can be omitted if desired. Parsley adds freshness and color to this dish.

Octopus is a popular dish in the Mediterranean region. It is usually cooked with olive oil, lemon, and garlic. Slow cooking can be done in various ways but it is usually done by simmering the octopus in water for hours.

The smoked potato cream sauce is made by heating up potatoes and adding smoked pepper to them.

Octopus has a chewy texture that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but you won’t find anyone complaining about this recipe!

Slow cooked octopus with smoked potato cream and parslay

Slow-Cooked Octopus With Smoked Potato Cream And Parsley

Slow-Cooked Octopus With Smoked Potato Cream And Parsley and smokiness accentuates its taste. Perfect as a started dish.
Prep Time 1 hr 30 mins
Cook Time 18 hrs
Course Appetizer
Cuisine Italian
Servings 4 people


  • 1 Souce Vide
  • 1 Pot
  • 1 Kitchen Aid


  • 2 kg Octopus
  • 500 g Potatoes
  • 1 Bunch Parsley
  • 5 g Smoked Black Pepper
  • 1/2 l Double Cream
  • 3 g Winegar


  • Cook the Octopus for 18 hours Sous Vide with (salt, pepper, and thyme)
  • Boil the Potatoes with Double Cream until softened (Blend with Kitchen Aid and add the Smoked Pepper)
  • Boil the Parsley for 5 seconds and cool down in ice water. (Blend with Kitchen, add salt, pepper, and a touch of vinegar)


Food is vacuum-sealed in a cooking pouch and heated at a precise temperature in a water bath.
Advantages of cooking sous vide:
  • Preserves flavor and aroma.
  • Highlights flavors and retains colors.
  • Preserves nutrients, unlike traditional cooking.
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